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Sedona 2008

Sedona 2008 Sedona
Jim Balister Dex, is that a natural photo or did you color it?

Dex Xxaa I didn't take the photo..but I too wondered if it was real..Knowing what I know now..Possible only a camera see's?

Dex Xxaa When I lived in Sedona... I got off work and spent a day out at slide rock. Much to my surprise, a Star group intelligence, I believe, materialized a Gold & White equally mixed, volley ball size, energetic sphere, that hovered behind a crowd of visitors that day. I was sitting a little ways from it when it appeared behind a crowd of people. The people along side the creek hadn't noticed. They were looking at the creek, a different direction. When it disappeared, it flashed like a camera flash, lighting up the whole creek area. Then the people looked around wondering what happened, what was that? I moved down close to where I thought it appeared and wondered if that really did occur? Within a minute, it appeared again. I got a much better look at it. Beautiful! It seemed like it hovered for about 10-15 seconds of equally scrambling energy, then disappeared with a bright white light flash again. The people appeared quite perplexed looking around to see where the bright white light came from. They could tell it was like a camera flash that time. I sat for awhile longer, then left that spot and wandered back down to where I was before. As I sat there, looking across the creek, I was trying to figure out why that happened? After a few minutes pondering, I noticed a huge billboard across the creek, and I proceeded to read it. It was a warning about the high bacteria content in the water. Then what I thought, at first, I thought were my thoughts, but immediately thereafter, could tell they weren't, I was told the energy ball manifestation was to cleanse the people free from any bacteria contamination for the day. A gift from a medical group? .. It was the first time I clearly could tell the explanation given wasn't my thinking, but was, instead, someone else's telepathic thoughts placed in my mind. I looked up in the sky to see if a ship was near by...Didn't see one..When I left that day, I left with a memorable memory of a Higher Intelligence demonstrating a special compassion, as minor as it may seem, still, a special caring for our kind shown. I really appreciated being witness to that...True Story...


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